Ask an Expert : Ask my brother high school class about the sense that a speaker? 

Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

Hi all readers, this time I will do a question and answer to one of the senior high school and now includes a senior in college hehe

Earlier, let’s first acquaintance😁

My brother high school class called : Uti Fahrul Hakim, 

date of birth : July 08 1996, Sandai

Address : Jln. Adisucipto Gg. Perintis Kuburaya Raya 

Status : Student at the Tanjungpura University, FKIP faculty majoring in history 

Hobby : write 

He is an author and speaker . He usually becomes a motivational speaker at various events and activities, especially activities of schools and colleges. Therefore, I made him a resource to the task this time interview. 

Me : Brother, what skills do you have? 

Brother : I have the skills to become speaker. 

Me : By the brother what sense does a speaker? 

Brother : In fact the speaker was fun, we can share knowledge and experience. But speak fair and reasonable so that the audience can understand what is being said. Never talk about things that don’t make sense. 

Me : How long you have been a speaker? 

Brother : I tried a speaker like this since the third class high school until now. 

Me : what innovations have done brother of being a speaker? 

Brother : Arguably become the speaker as a motivator who had filled events and activities in various areas, especially the activities schools and colleges. Often also a speaker in charge seminar. 
Me : Wich areas are already brother go to fill the event? 

Brother : Area that I visited that Pontianak City, Kuburaya Regency, Ketapang Regency, Sanggau Regency, Bengkayang Regency, Jakarta City and Sukabumi. 

Me : Usual terms of what you’re talking about? 

Brother : All aspects of that can provide motivation and inspiration to listeners. So there are things that separate when the audience is listening. Especially in term of encouraging and cultivating nationalism. 

As it was a question and answer that I do, thank you for coming to read 😘:)

Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

Reading skills

Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Hi guys ☺, this meeting will be discussed ways of robots work

E. Identifying opinions 

  • Wichita one the following three opinions would the author probably disagree with? 
  • Answer : A. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than over. 

Going beyond the text 

Look at the list of jobs, below. Which are you happy for robots to do in the future? Why and why not? 

  1. Airline pilot : we disagree, because if the robots become the pilot, than the lives of passenger will be threatened in cause robots controlled by the system. 
  2. Cook : we disagree, because cooking have to use the feeling and taste, meanwhile the robots don’t have them all.  
  3. Doctor : we disagree, because robots have been programmed by the systems, so they don’t know the new ill.  
  4. Police officer : we agree, because robots can watch out the traffic jam 24 hours a day, so no one can break the rule.  
  5. Singer : we disagree, because the robots can not imitate human voice and robots voice not will as human voice.  
  6. Store clerk : we disagree, because the robots can not calculate, and the robots not can understand what who buyer ask.  
  7. Taxi driver : we agree, because it can help us to get where we want without any effort to employ people.  
  8. Teacher : we disagree, because the robots  have programmed so if we don’t understand the robots can not answer our questions.  

Yeay, finally  finished  😁

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3. Reading Skills 

B. Reading 

Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 

At this meeting, we were told to read the the text and  highlight an interesting idea in each paragraph. 

According to my answer in paragraph :

  1. Gates suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been. 
  2. First, robots need a brain-a computer. 
  3. If we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us. 

    I think thats all idea about my opinions, thank you for visit my blog. 😁See you, Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

    I Can’t Imagine Life Without Electricity 

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇 

    Hello readers, hope you all have a great day today yeah.This time I want to review about our lives if without electricity, have you ever imagined? Oh no, it is impossible not? 

    For me, electric is the source or the main thing that everyone needs today. Just imagine how difficult it us if there is a power outage one day? Certainly a lot of people who complain of loss and encountered due this outage. Electrical energy source are not only  derived from petroleum, but it’s been a lot of some power plants from other sources, such as water, nuclear, geothermal, coal, wind and sun. Especially with the benefit of their electrical energy, we can all do our jobs or tasks with ease. Examples of the benefits of the electrical  energy is like learning to use lights, cooking with a rice cooker, washing with a washing machine, ironing, using a fan, refrigerate food or drink with a fridge, etc. So they can we imagine life without electricity? 

    Okey, I think thats all about my opinions, thank you for visit my blog. 😁See you, Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

    3. Reading skills

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 

    Hallo guys,This week we do the work in groups, In this post we do the work part of A

    Let's continue

      A. Pre-reading questions 

    1. In what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? In what ways will they make our lives worse? Answer : Robots make our lives better in the future with helping us to do our daily activities, such as cooking, sweeping, ironing, etc. 

    Meanwhile, robots make our lives worse because we are too dependent by the robots performance. Not only too dependent but also make us lazy to do something because all the duties have done by the robots. 

    2. What kinds of robots would you like to see? Answer : The kinds of robots we would like to see are the robots can write something what we say, and the robots keep our house safe 24 hours a day. 

    OK guys, We wait for the next material in the next post

    Bye 👋 have a nice day

    Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

    C. Word parts: uni

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇 

    Meeting 3 we discussed about puzzle and circle them,with example: universal 

    As in the picture, 

    1.  Find five words with uni in the puzzle and circle them. Check their meanings. See page 97 if you need help. Answer : – University, – Universal, – Uniform, – Universe, – Unified
    2.  Complete the sentences below with the words from the puzzle. Answer :

    1. Rita is a university student. 
    2. The desire for love is universal
    3. The universe began about 14 billion years ago. 
    4. East and West Germany were unified in 1990.
    5. At many schools, students must wear a uniform

    Up here the discussion about the puzzle. 😉
    We hope to meet again on material like this  😁
    Thank you bye 👋, Wassalamua'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wabarakatuh

    My Skills

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇 

    Hallo…, welcome back to my blog ☺

    Previous, I want to say thanks ALLAH S.W.T, because give me a good health and give a chance to post second my task blog. Emm… Last week I already answered questions about why i continue my study to university level?  And now, let me talking about my skills. 

    By the way, I was confused to tell about  my skills, because actually I don’t have any skills :|. Except, a habit that is often done which according to me can be used as the skills to developed. Habits that can be used as a skills is drawing. 

    I like to draw because from childhood I was amazed to see the results of my uncle’s paintings. Since then i started to love to draw and want to be like him. So from the 4th grade of primary school I learned to draw the most basic things and was amazing for me because at the time of high school i was the head of a wall in the school magazine. There is where I began to express my hobby. But since high school i stopped drawing because my parents said, I have had to fokus on learning in high school this. So, when  to go to college I want to deepen further my drawing skills. 
    Although this time, which certainly can not draw my hand as good as before, I will strive to import its. So i got the advantage from my picture later I’d already have a sale value as had my uncle. 

    As that is the story my skills, thank you for reading. Wish you have a nice day and bye two weeks to come 🙂
    Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇 

    Robots in the Home 

    A. Critical cartoons 

    • Warm up
    1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.                                             Answer : I used at least 8 electronic devices. They are fan, refrigerator, lamp, rice cooker, handphone, laptop, and dispenser. 
    2. What activities do robots do to day? What other things would you like them to do?                                               Answer : Nowadays, robots help people do their habits like cooking, cleaning, cool the room, communicate remotely, and lights that help in lighting. It would be great if robots could take us the destination place if we trapped on the traffic jam. 
    3. Are the certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?                                                             Answer : yes, the are do my assignment and do exercise by my self because the education and healthiness are for my self core vocabulary.

    B. Core vocabulary 

    • Scanning and skimming                       Try to guess theirs meanings. 
    1. Adopt : legally take (another’s child) and bring it up as one’s own. 
    2. Aid : help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something. 
    3. Career : working permanently on committed to a particular profession. 
    4. Code : a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purpose of secrecy. 
    5. Doubt : feel uncertain about. 
    6. Effort :attempt to do something. 
    7. Force : the powerful effect of something. 
    8. Oppose : disagree with and attempt to prevent, especially by argument. 
    9. Potential : having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. 
    10. Serve : provide (an area or group of people) with a product of service. 

    Why I Continue My Study To University Level? 

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

    Hi guys🙋✋, this time i posted my first task of the english language from beautiful lecture, cool and very well that is miss dini ☺ . Here i will answer my reason : why i continue my study to university level? 

    OK, before i answer the question above, i introduce my self first, 

    My name is : Nikmatun Khasanah 

    My address : Jl. Ahmad Yani Sepakat 2, blok c1 no. 20,Pontianak Tenggara 

    Date and place of birth : Ketapang, March 20 1998 

    Origin of Ketapang 

    Originally Primary school  : SDN  06 Sungai melayu rayak 

    Originally Junior high school : SMPN 01 Sungai melayu rayak 

    Originally Senior high school : MAN 01 Ketapang 

    My hobby : Cooking, drawing and playing music 

    I continue my study to university level because first, this is desire from my parents. They say can not give anything, except with pay for college me, so i get provision eventually. I think continue study to university level can ease in get work, even can get jobs or into businessman, understand what will do going forward, and have mindset that could be considered different. 

    Second, study in Tanjungpura University fact is not my wish. I always wanted to enter the Poltekkes Analysts Health program, and i had passed the written test, but finally failed in medical test because my height less than 1 cm. How lucky, at that time i not accidentally register SBMPTN in Tanjungpura University on the last day with the first option pharmaceutical program, second is mathematics and natural sciences with chemistry program and third geophysical program. 

    After do a matter which i think is quite difficult, a few days later i saw announcement evidently i graduation SBMPTN and major chemistry program. Initially wavering would be taken or not, but said my parents take just the program because perhaps this is indeed my destiny sign in here. And why i chose mathematics and natural sciences in chemistry program, because from high school i like it associated with with natural sciences, moreover if do experiment. Umpteen a few my explanations about why i continue my study to university level ☺.  
    Wassalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh 😇

    Puding Rainbow 

    Bosan gak ada kerjaan mau ngapain? Mending coba buat pencuci mulut yang satu ini, selain enak dan manis juga bahan dan cara buat nya mudah banget. Gak percaya? Liat aja sendiri 😁

    Bahan-bahan :

    1. Pewarna (merah, biru, kuning, hijau) masing – masing tetes. 

    2. Susu full cream 500ml.

    3. Gula 100 gram (sesuai selera ya) 

    4. Bubuk agar-agar 2 bungkus. 

    Cara membuat :

    1. Pertama-tama, panas kan air ke dalam panci, di beri gula dan agar-agar, aduk terus sampai mendidih. 

    2. Lalu panas kan susu ke dalam panci, di beri gula dan agar – agar, aduk hingga mendidih. 

    3. Siap kan cetakan ukuran 20×20cm di beri air agar-agar, lalu tiriskan supaya puding tidak lengket pada cetakan. 

    4. Masukan air susu sebanyak satu sendok soup ke dalam cetakan yang telah dibasahi. 

    5. Biar kan kurang lebih 7 menit sampai agar-agar setengah mengeras. 

    6. Siap kan mangkok, masuk kan agar-agar bening tadi dan di beri warna hijau 2 tetes lalu masuk kan 1 sendok soup secara perlahan agar tidak pecah . 

    7. Lakukan secara berseling, sesuai pada gambar. 

    8. Setelah selesai masuk kan ke dalam lemari es kurang lebih 10 menit. 

    9. Keluar kan 2 potong puding Dan puding pun siap di saji kan. 

    Nah, dengan bahan yang simple kita dapat membuat puding yang cantik. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung, Selamat mencoba 🙂